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  • Our Early Years Program has been established for young learners to explore their natural curiosity for learning. Our child centered classrooms enjoy a small student-teacher ratio.

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    • Mission
    • Philosophy
    • Curriculum and Program
    • Objectives
    • Right Start
    • The Right Start Day
    • Learning Centers
    • Parent Communication
  • Mission

    In our Early Childhood Program :
    • Each individual is valued and respected.
    • Students and educators are engaged in a collaborative learning process.
    • Knowledge is constructed through active exploration of materials, ideas and social instructions.
    • Teaching practices are based on in depth understanding of the principles of learning differences.
  • Philosophy

    • Children learn best through active exploration and engagement with materials, experiences and social interactions.
    • All children are smart in different ways.
    • A safe, nurturing environment is essential for growth and emotional wellbeing.
    • Children grow at their own pace since stages of development are only loosely related to age.
    • The process of active learning is more important than the end product.
    • Play is essential for holistic development of young children.
    • Teachers are parents and facilitators in a child’s learning process.
  • Curriculum and Program

    Our Early Years Program has at its core an Emergent curriculum that is connected with the children’s everyday life experiences. This is a child driven curriculum that is based on the interests and needs of the children. Teachers observe, record and analyze children’s interests and develop the topics of study from those observations. Our curriculum is therefore a dynamic one which varies from year to year.

    This approach allows an opportunity for each learner to construct and integrate knowledge in his/her own way. The aim of our curriculum is to provide many opportunities for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

    Classroom Learning Centers allow children to make choices, complete self-chosen tasks and develop their ability to work with other children and adults in a cooperative and collaborative manner.

    The High Scope approach provides an umbrella to our emergent curriculum program making sure key developmental experiences are integrated into student activities during the day.

  • Objectives

    • Nurture children’s natural curiosity, imagination and spirit of inquiry.
    • Facilitate children’s social development.
    • Encourage self dependence and the ability to make thoughtful choices.
    • Develop the ability to communicate ideas, thoughts and experiences.
    • Develop the ability to reason.
    • Encourage creativity and the ability to problem solve..
    • Inculcate a love for learning.
  • Our Right Start early childhood program provides children with a gentle beginning to their school journey. Based on the understanding of how children learn, this child centered program allows children to explore and learn from their environment.

  • Providing a natural progression, our Pre-k/Kindergarten program offers developmentally appropriate experiences for children to grow as independent learners.

  • The Right Start Day

    • Circle Time: share news and talk about the plan for the day.
    • Small Group: a teacher initiated activity focused on a particular skill done in small groups.
    • Outside Time: develop gross motor skills using outdoor equipment and games.
    • Snack: is brought from home and is a time to develop social skills.
    • Planning: children make choices and plan their work time.
    • Work time: children rotate through the centers set up in the room and work with other children and teachers.
    • Clean up: an essential part of the day where children take responsibility to put materials back.
    • Recall: remember and share what was done at work time.
    • Music & Movement: a time to listen, create and respond to music and rhythm.
    • Reading Time: a favorite time to choose a book, read and develop language skills.
    • Closing Circle: gather belongings and say goodbye.
  • Learning Centers

    • Block Centers – for building, designing, learning about balance and logical thinking.
    • Dramatic Play Center – for creative and imaginative play.
    • Book Center – for independent and group reading.
    • Writing Center – for beginning writing skills which include scribbling, drawing.
    • Math Center – encourages the use of manipulatives for hands on exploration of math.
    • Science Center – for observation and exploration of the natural world.
    • Art Center – for creative expression through various art medium.
    • Sand Pit and Water Table – for development of fine motor skills.
  • Parent Communication

    Communication between parents and the school is an important part of our program. Notices will be sent out throughout the year by teachers about upcoming events as well as a monthly newsletter.

    Back to School Night is an evening for parents hosted by the school within the first few weeks of starting the school year. This is a time for parents to meet the teachers and learn more about the curriculum and other details of the children’s day at school.

    Two Parent – Teacher Conferences are held during the year which provide an update on your child’s academic, social and emotional progress. A formal evaluation is also given at this time. We encourage informal discussions with your child’s teachers whenever a concern arises.

    We are happy to have parents share any expertise or cultural experiences and festivals from their countries in the classroom. This can be done by setting up a time with the class teacher.

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