The Student Success Program

  • The Student Success Program is an afternoon, academic intervention program. We work with school age students who are experiencing difficulties with learning in the classroom.

    Unfortunately, several students in spite of being bright, face daily humiliation and failure in school. They may be unable to read fluently or spell words correctly. Some students may experience difficulties because of weak attention or memory. Yet, for some others, staying organized and being able to plan their time or materials may be a challenge.

    At the Student Success Center we identify each child’s unique learning profile and provide specific intervention to help build the skills needed to succeed in the classroom. We enable children to become confident learners and take pride in restoring their self-worth.

  • Our services include

    • Special Education Intervention : For help with reading, writing, spellings, comprehension, Maths.
    • Language and Communication Therapy : For help with the understanding and expression of language.
    • Social Skills Intervention : For building interpersonal skills.
    • Outreach Teacher-Training Programs : For educators and parents to better understand the underpinnings of learning.
  • Click the tab on the right to see some of the work done by our children.

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