Opportunities to share our knowledge with teachers and students
Opportunities to share our knowledge with teachers and students
Over the years we have been privileged to participate and share our knowledge with teachers and students of the Chirag School, a child centered primary school in Uttarakahand. We have also trained para teachers to work alongside government teachers as part of Chirag’s mission in the Kumaon region.
We have also participated in Sitla for story telling and literacy related ideas at a community library established by a dedicated couple committed to improving and enriching the lives of local children.
In the past we ran a Saturday morning program for children of construction workers around our centre in Defence Colony, New Delhi. The program ran for two hours where we used music, movement and play to instil joy that every child deserves to experience. The children were also provided with a nutritious meal.
Through songs and read-alouds the children were exposed to enriching language, listening and speaking skills. Through play they developed their imagination, strengthened their motor skills, learnt turn taking, sharing, negotiating skills and built their confidence. We were supported by the Learning Matters community who generously donated hygiene supplies and clothes that we shared with the families of the children.
We were surprised and will never forget when one day, a young girl felt such gratitude that she untied a knot from the bottom of her chunni and took out two one rupee coins to give us.