About Learning Matters

  • Learning Matters Foundation, founded in 2004, is an innovative, non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India that seeks to address the educational needs of all children, specifically those who experience a range of learning challenges. Learning Matters believes that by sharing current scientific research on learning with educators and the community, it can help ALL students but especially struggling students, as informed instruction is critical to academic and life success. Learning Matters also strives to raise awareness on learning differences in order to decrease the stigma associated with learning differences-and the stigma associated with school failure-due to misinformation.

  • President's Message Letter from the Founder

    As a longtime educator trained in the United States, I’m often asked by parents questions such as: “Why does my son enjoy listening to stories but dislike reading them?” or “Why does he avoid writing when he has so much to say?” or “Why does she not sit still?” or “How come my seven-year-old knows about the solar system but is unable to add six plus three?” I understand the anxiety behind such questions- not only on account of my long years in the field of learning disabilities, but also as a parent of a boy who suffered them, and overcame the handicap to become a successful adult.

    My objective for Learning Matters is to assist all students to succeed and strengthen their self-esteem. There are several students who despite being capable and bright are struggling at school. These are children whose learning profile unfortunately is not understood by their teachers or parents. Since 2006, we have assisted hundreds of such students through accurate diagnosis, educational intervention, speech and language therapy, and psychological programs.

    Now my endeavor is to reach many more students and this I realize can be achieved by training teachers who work with thousands of children each day. Learning Matters Foundation has already been allocated land by the Delhi Government to establish a quality teacher training institute. Alongside, we will continue our work with children in a laboratory school and offer our current clinical services.

    I invite you to help us in our much needed undertaking. I believe the “success vitamin” should be available to all students. We must establish equitable classrooms in order to create healthy citizens for a just and tolerant society. Not a tall order for those of us who invest in the future – the future, which is after all, meant for our children.

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